Common Conditions

While treating the spine is widely regarded as the primary focus of Chiropractors, this is no longer the case.   Today's chiropractors treat a large range of conditions that includes the spine and back,  as well as the extremities, which involves the shoulders to hands, and hips to feet. Today's Chiropractors have extensive training on the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body, and are taught to address the source of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, making it the least stable and prone to injury. Read More

Foot Pain

The most common foot problem reported is heel pain. Read More


Experienced by 90% of the population every year, headaches are a common condition with a spectrum of causes and variable symptoms. Three common types are migraine, tension and cervicogenic. Read More

Neck Pain

Common condition for many office workers, neck pain often results from the repetitive strain of bad office ergonomics. Neck pain can also be the root of various types of headaches and arm/hand pain. Read More

Low Back Pain

Over 70% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their life. It presents as anything from mild pain and tightness to completely thrown out and its causes can be simple or complex. Read More
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